Pawsome Pet Care Box

Keep your pets and home clean, bug-free, and smelling great naturally! 

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Product Overview

  • You will receive a monthly supply of Neem Shampoo, Rinse, and Cleaner
  • Metro Manila COD available

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  • 500 mL Neem Shampoo
  • 250 mL Neem Leave-On Rinse w/ Sprayer,
  • 500 mL Neem House Cleaner, Deodorizer, & Bug Repellant

What can Neem do for your Dog?

  • Naturally moisturizes skin and coat
  • Naturally deodorizes so no more wet dog smell
  • Naturally eliminates ticks and fleas
  • Soothes irritated skin and hot spots
  • Helps cleans up mange and wounds

About the Products


First and only natural shampoo made with 100% Neem Aqueous Extract in the Philippines.

Silver medal at the 25th Salon International des Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland.

Neem Extract is known to naturally moisturize, deodorize, and detangle fur while keeping those fleas and ticks away. Neem Extract is also known to be a non-toxic antiseptic and anti-bacterial solution. Aloe vera was added to make the coat soft and shiny while Madre de Cacao was added to boost skin healing properties. The shampoo is PH balanced for dogs & cats.

Paraben free. Non-toxic. No artifical colors. Biodegradable.

FDA registered making it safe for humans too!

Leave-On Rinse

First and only Leave-On Rinse and Sanitizer made from 100% Neem Extract plus Aloe Vera and Lavender.

Silver medal at the 25th Salon International des Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland.

Concerned that it’s color green? Don’t worry! That’s because it’s made from 100% neem aqueous extract, other plant derivatives, plus aloe vera. It also has lavender for a light, calming, fresh scent. Best sprayed on in between baths to freshen coat, after a visit to the vet, or before walks to keep pet clean and smelling fresh while keeping creepy crawlies away. Spray the diluted solution directly on hot spots & wounds. May be poured on infected areas after bath.

FDA registered making it safe for humans to use as a hand sanitizer, cleanser, or body deodorizer!

*Concentrated. Available in 250 ml., which can make up to 20 litres of rinse solution.

House Cleaner, Deodorizer, & Bug Repellant

Silver medal at the 25th Salon International des Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland.

Made with 100% Neem Extract with Citronella and Lavender.

Neem has natural antiseptic properties which makes it perfect as a cleaner without the fear that this will be toxic to pets. Made from 100% neem aqueous extract, spray this on the floor, crates, and beddings to get rid of germs. We also added citronella and lavender to amp up its bug repelling properties but without the overwhelming scent of insecticide.

DEET free and no artificial additives.

Sulfate free. Paraben free. Non-toxic. Biodegradable.

You can use the Fetch! Neem House Cleaner, Deodorizer, and Bug Repellant to:

  • Clean crates, kennels, litter boxes, and beddings
  • Eliminate bugs such as ticks, fleas, mites, and mosquities (even the eggs too!)
  • Mop on floors to clean up messes and remove bacteria
  • Wipe counter tops and other surfaces
  • Spray on curtains and carpets to remove molds and that musty smell
  • Spritz at home for a light, fresh scent

About Neem 

The Neem tree (or Azadirachta Indica) is a tropical plant found in India and in Southeast Asian countries. The trees’ seeds, bark and leaves contain compounds with proven antiseptic, antiviral, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, and anti fungal properties.  It is also used as a natural moisturizer & deodorizer.

Delivery Details

Ships out: every Monday

Ships from: Philippines

Delivery Lead Time: 1 to 3 days if within metro manila

Ships within: Metro Manila only


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Fetch! Naturals is a premium brand of high quality pet care products that are so good and natural, they can be shared with humans too!

We are first to come up with a complete Natural Pet Care System made out of 100% Neem Aqueous Extract as it’s base. It is through this Neem Pet Care System that we made waves by showing fur-parents everywhere that one can have products that are eco-friendly, effective, and, (dare we say) a little bit luxurious.

In fact, the extraction process and base formulation used in our products won the silver medal at the 25th Salon International des Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland (woah)!

Today, we remain committed to researching and developing the most premium of pet care products using high quality ingredients. We are also proud to announce that we are one of the first pet care companies that has its products registered with the FDA.

Fetch! is perfect for those who are looking for solutions that are truly good for pets, humans, and the environment.

PH balanced for our furry friends. Formulated for human too.

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